Time for a New Faucet in the Galley


Our boat has really good water pressure everywhere except for the faucet in the galley. The pressure at the galley faucet is so low that the spray setting doesn’t even work. I tried taking apart the attachment and cleaning the screen but the pressure stayed the same: way too low. The only good thing about low pressure is that it probably prevented us from running out of water during our big summer trips (I use way too much water when I wash dishes, but that’s a topic for a future post).


New faucet in box

New faucet in box

Replacing the galley faucet has been on my to-do list for a while now…the pressure has been low for at least two years! I finally started looking into the project last month and at first I was looking at West Marine and Defender.com for replacements. I found some but they were both around $160 and I felt like there should be a cheaper option. I then looked on Amazon and found a great replacement for only $60, which you can see here.


1/2" Brass Couplers

1/2″ Brass Couplers

The new faucet came with everything I needed (even plumbers tape) except for two 1/2″ brass couplers which were needed to connect to the existing water lines. They were only a few bucks each at Lowe’s. Overall, the removal of the old one and the install of the new one went relatively smoothly. The space under sink is a little cramped and dark but I used my new favorite LED flashlight to light up the area. You probably have a bunch of the little LED flashlights you get free from Harbor Freight–I have a bunch of those as well but they’re not all that bright. I recently found a better option: Super bright LED flashlights from Amazon…two for $10. Check em out here.



Under the sinks

This is one of those projects that turned out to be cheaper and easier than expected. It’s also one of those projects where now that it’s done, I’m kicking myself for not tackling it sooner!  It’s really nice to have good water pressure in the galley…finally.  🙂


New faucet installed and working!

New faucet installed and working!

Thanks for reading!
-Boatnut Brian


December 19, 2015 |

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