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Reviewed on October 24, 2023. #1 of 1 Reviews

The question is not whether they will fix your vessel. They will not. The only question is how badly will they damage your vessel and how large an extortion payment they will require from you before you get your now damaged boat back.

These guys are con artists – professional scammers. Nothing more. Stay clear of them.

I brought my Chris Craft in to have the speedometer fixed. Once they had my boat, they started tacking on charges that added up fast. As just one example, they suddenly began charging $120 day to “store” my boat – a charge to which I never agreed. And there were other charges – so many other charges! In all, they charged me over $4,500 to replace two screws in a hatch and to do an oil change. And I do not believe they actually performed the oil change.

They initially would not let me pick up the boat and kept on tacking on fees. After I told them I would get law enforcement involved, they demanded I show up with cash or wire them $4,500 in funds.

Adam Chamberlain, the self-described “president” of the company, said they had too many chargebacks so they could not accept credit cards. Sidenote: businesses with chargeback issues are typically known by the credit card processors for theft – the reason behind frequent chargebacks.

Adam made it clear that my boat could be severely damaged if I did not arrive with cash to make this payment. Extortion. Pure and simple.

When I paid and got the boat back, it was a mess. Almost every surface was covered with dirt, oil, and grime. And of course, they never touched the speedometer issue.

So for hiring these people, I am now out $4,500, and I need to pay to have the boat professionally cleaned. At this time, it is unclear whether some of the damage can be fixed.

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