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Jon Heisel, Yacht Broker

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1001 Fairview Ave N, Suite 1200, Seattle, WA 98109

Reviewed on August 1, 2020. #1 of 133 Reviews

Words can’t describe what an incredible person and broker Jon Heisel is. My wife and I are so thankful he came into our lives a year ago when we bought our first boat a 280 Sundancer.

We were first time owners and had no idea what we were embarking on but excited to be owners and nervous because of all the boat ownership negative sayings. I can honestly say, we can’t ever imagine not being owners again. Jon’s honesty, wealth of knowledge and willingness to share has made us feel like we have been owners for 30 years. Jon told us, ” Don’t spend a dime on the boat without calling me first. I will not only recommend the proper person to do the work but save you money and heartache.”. Many brokers will say this to sell a boat but Jon delivers, when you text or call him he responds even after the sale.

A year to the day, we upgraded to a Formula 41 we bought from Jon. During this summer of Covid 19 everyone wants to buy a boat but Jon sold our 280 Sundancer in 24 hours, that’s incredible even in these unprecedented times of demand.

Many of you reviewers have commented how Jon has become not only your broker but a friend. We feel the same, he is just a wonderful human and I’m thankful we are friends!!

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